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7 Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

Nails and hands, in general, are ones’ business card. They don’t really have to be shaped or colored in the latest fashion, but they need to be at least clean and trimmed. Getting a manicure won’t secure that, if you’re nails are not healthy. Women have to do a lot of …

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Homemade Acne Face Mask


No matter the age, acne can be a real problem both for men and for women, all over the World. In treating it, some pay a lot of money on dermatologists, surgery or miracle products.For those who can’t afford all that, I have a cheap and natural remedy which can …

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Pumpkin Pie Face Mask


I love pumpkin pie. I know lots of people mostly love it as a carrier for whipped cream, but me? I’m all about that filling. That creamy, custard, spicy orange filling. Bring it on. I would spread it on toast if given the opportunity (though a spoon is better). So, …

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Homemade Shealoe Butter Cream

Homemade Shealoe Butter-Cream

I keep hearing about aloe and shealoe (shea + aloe) butters, and they confuse me. You see, aloe is water soluble, so somewhere in that butter there is some sort of wizardry going on, because aloe is patently not a butter. That’s about as ridiculous as the idea of celery …

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Best Foods to Eat To Beat PMS!


If you one of the unlucky women who suffer extremely uncomfortable PMS aches and pains, the following foods may help you suffer a lot less each month when “Aunt Flow” comes to visit…While simple carbohydrates, like white breads and pastas, will cause an energy crash—carbohydrates of the complex variety actually soothe …

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How to Detox in only 1 Day


In search for a quick way to detox your liver and gallbladder? Look no farther, here you can find out how you can effectively do that, in a day. All you need is a day off from household problems and also, from work. Choose a weekend day and try it. You’ll …

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9 Delicious Water Detox Recipies

If you wish to lose weight, to detox your colon or just refresh after a hot day, a tall glass of Detox Water may be what you’re looking for. Because it doesn’t only eliminate excess fat and toxins but, it also gives a Vitamins boost, you should certainly try to …

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